Brussels investigates Amazon for possible abuse of data from its vendors

Amazon is being investigated by the European Commission. The communitarian organism has published a communiqué this Wednesday in which announces the beginning of the formal investigation against the giant of the electronic commerce by possible monopolistic abuses of the data of the vendors of the platform.

The formal file opened by Brussels will serve to clarify whether Amazon violated European rules on competition, for example in the way in which it used sensitive data from third parties obtained through its ‘marketplace’ (or points of sale) or the treatment of the data of the winners of the ‘Buy Box’ of the platform.

This file against the company of Jeff Bezos is the last episode of the crusade led by Margrethe Vestager, commissioner of Competition, against American giants like Google and Amazon itself.

“Electronic commerce has stimulated competition in retail sales and expanded the possibilities of choosing by lowering prices,” Vestager acknowledged. Despite this, remember that ” we must ensure that large digital platforms do not eliminate these advantages.”

Next, Vestager states that “I have decided to closely examine Amazon’s commercial practices and its dual role as a seller and place of sale to verify that the company respects the EU competition rules.” The market anticipates that Amazon can face a fine of up to 10% on its turnover.

It should be recalled that this measure takes place right at the end of Vestager’s term in charge of Competition after five years in office. Five years in which she has built a reputation for not tolerating this type of situation and that led Donald Trump in late June to accuse her of “hating the US more than anyone she has ever met.”

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