Co-founder of Apple joins blockchain project focused on energy in Malta

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, joined a company founded in Malta that seeks to implement a blockchain in favor of a more efficient use of energy.

Wozniak, while speaking at an event on the island last Thursday, said he had invested in the EFFORCE project – which allows investors to support projects related to the efficient use of energy around the world – and became a co-founder of this.

According to the information published in the Malta Independent , Wozniak explained that the firm aims to boost the saving of money spent on energy , while also helping the environment; a factor that he considers important.

The use of blockchain , according to Wozniak, will bring improvements in the use of energy and in reducing its consumption, without requiring users to change their habits. The computer added that the enthusiasm of the Maltese government for blockchain was a key factor for the installation of the company in this country. In this regard, the other co-founder of the startup blockchain, Jacobo Visetti, said that Malta “was the freest country they could find in the world, in relation to new technologies”.

As suggested by Visetti, the island nation located in the Mediterranean has been extremely proactive as far as blockchain is concerned. A year ago, the government of Malta approved three bills related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, in order to attract business from this niche. Such efforts took effect, since, currently, distinguished crypto-active brokerage firms, such as Binance and OKCoin, are working in this country.

Wozniak started getting involved with companies related to the use of blockchain in August of last year, when he joined investment startup Equi Capital and said he was “amazed at the technology behind (cryptocurrencies).”

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