Bundesliga Week 1 Podcast: recap of all 9 fixtures and more!

Yes, the wait is finally over! The Bundesliga is back (for a week at least), and we’re spending some time discussing all nine fixtures. We’re not just talking the Bayern shellacking of Werder Bremen and Lewandowski hat-tricks and Thomas Müller hat trick assists, oh no! There is more to life than Ousmane Dembele breaking ankles and André Schürrle turning into Leo Messi for a game. We will explain why Thomas Tuchel is already coach of the decade and why Julian Weigl and Mario Götze can’t regain their fitness soon enough. Also on the docket: why HSV gonna HSV and why Schalke gonna Schalke, i.e. shiny new toys and new direction does not mean that the same dumb stuff does not happen. How did Gladbach outhipster Leverkusen in the first annual Challengers Podcast extravaganza? Can any of the mid-table teams like Köln, Hertha or Hoffenheim do more? How good are RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg respectively? Which of the relegation teams looked great, and which ones are already done after week 1? Why was El Plastico the most entertaining? Who did Claudio Pizarro visit in Munich? Is André Schürrle the new Leo Messi or does that honor go to Leo Bittencourt? Did Schalke really start Franco di Santo as a RW? Who is Mijat Gacinovic? If you want to know the answer to those and more (stats, XG maps, nuggets and some jokes) do give this episode a listen. If you liked what you heard, share it! If you really liked it give us a follow!

According to Lord Sport Bild and Kicker.de, Abel Meszaros has returned from Hungary and signed a 5-year contract to record some exciting Bundesliga podcasts with Spreaker. The terms of the agreement are as of now unknown, but some craft beer might have been involved. Sky Sports report that it can be downloaded below:


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About Abel Meszaros Abel started out watching and playing soccer in Hungary, before falling in love with the Bundesliga in the mid - 90s (thanks to Kicker and Sat1's Ran). Abel is faithful to BVB, but also endlessly fascinated by the emergence of new teams and talents from Germany. His first English love was the Liverpool teams of Macca and Robbie Fowler, but these days he just roots for the underdogs. He loves to talk/read/write/think about soccer! Otherwise, you can find him working in publishing, teaching ESL, and/or drinking craft beer - not necessarily at the same time, or in that order. Abel tweets at @VanbastenESL and at @BundesPL

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