Anthony Rankin

Anthony Rankin – Financial:

I am Anthony Rankin and I’m passionate about business and finance news with over 4 years in the industry starting as a writer working my way up into senior positions.

I am the driving force behind BPL and a professional daytrader. I will be providing technical analysis of various stocks on BPL.

Address: 4609 Pursglove Court, Dayton, OH 45417, USA

Phone: (+1) 937-267-4422

Email: anthony.rankin@bundespremierleague.com


Steven Franklin

Steven Franklin – Services:

I am Steven Franklin and I focus on breaking news stories and ensuring we (“BPL”) offer timely reporting on some of the most recent stories released through market wires about “Services” sector.

I have formerly spent over 3 years as a trader in U.S. Stock Market and is now semi-stepped down. I work on a full time basis for Currency Dispatch specializing in quicker moving active shares with a short term view on investment opportunities and trends.

Address: 359 Frum Street, Nashville, TN 37212, USA

Phone: (+1) 615-292-8598

Email: steven.franklin@bundespremierleague.com


Kelly Harrison

Kelly Harrison – Basic Materials:

I am Kelly Harrison and I give “Currency Dispatch” an insight into the most recent news hitting the “Basic Materials” sector in Wall Street.

I have been an independent financial adviser for over 11 years in the city and in recent years turned my experience in finance and passion for journalism into a full time role. I perform analysis of Companies and publicize valuable information for shareholder community.

Address: 1493 Pratt Avenue, Orchards, WA 98662, USA

Phone: (+1) 360-896-2503

Email: kelly.harrison@bundespremierleague.com


Fawn Wiggins

Fawn Wiggins – Consumer Goods:

I am Fawn Wiggins and I have over 16 years experience in the financial services industry giving me a vast understanding of how news affects the financial markets.

I am an active day trader spending the majority of my time analyzing earnings reports and watching commodities and derivatives. I have a Masters Degree in Economics from Westminster University with previous roles counting Investment Banking.

Address: 3859 Peck Court, El Toro, CA 92630, USA

Phone: (+1) 949-587-4166

Email: fawn.wiggins@bundespremierleague.com