How Is Frank Lucas Performing? (2019-07-02)

Our team has conducted some detailed research on Frank Lucas, current as of 2019-07-02. Frank Lucas is a republican in Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district. Here’s their handsome photo:

Twitter activity: As of 2019-07-02, Frank Lucas (@RepFrankLucas) has 19260 Twitter followers, is following 319 people, has tweeted 938 times, has liked 36 tweets, has uploaded 487 photos and videos and has been on Twitter since January 2011.

Facebook activity: As of 2019-07-02, Frank Lucas has 8,559 likes on their facebook page, 15,787 followers and has been maintaining the page since December 14, 2007. Their page ID is RepFrankLucas.

How popular is Frank Lucas right now? On Google Trends Frank Lucas had a popularity ranking of 3 ten days ago, 4 nine days ago, 5 eight days ago, 8 seven days ago, 5 six days ago, 3 five days ago, 3 four days ago, 3 three days ago, 3 two days ago, 2 one day ago and now has a popularity rank of 4. So in the recent past, they were gathering the most attention on 2019-06-23 when they had a rank of 8. If we compare Frank Lucas’s popularity to three months ago, they had an average popularity of 2.5, whereas now their average popularity over the last ten days is 4.0. so by that measure, Frank Lucas is getting more popular! It’s worth noting, finally, that Frank Lucas never had a rank of 0, indicating people are always searching for them.

And what about how Frank Lucas fared years ago, looking back a full 5 years? Our date indicates 2019-05-26 to be their most popular day, when they had a relative rank of 100. Not bad!

We found suggested searches for people looking up Frank Lucas include Frank Lucas (duh…), Frank Lucas (duh…) and Frank Lucas (duh…).

As of 2019-07-02, our research indicates that people searching for Frank Lucas are also searching for these related terms: gangster frank lucas, american gangster frank lucas, frank american gangster, american gangster, frank lucas wife, frank lucas worth, frank lucas net worth, frank lucas julianna farrait, julianna farrait, frank lucas richie roberts, nicky barnes, nicky barnes frank lucas, richie roberts, frank lucas denzel, frank lucas movie, bumpy johnson, denzel washington, denzel washington frank lucas, frank lucas real, drug lord frank lucas, frank lucas now, pablo escobar, george lucas, john lucas and frank lucas jr.

We did some more exhaustive analysis today on the web sentiment regarding Frank Lucas, and found precisely 267 news articles about them in the past month. Some of these are the article FOCUS TMW – Da Pavard a Hummels: gli acquisti gixc3xa0 ufficiali in Bundesliga, published by and found at, the article The 40 movies wexe2x80x99ll be watching before the end of the year published by Polygon and found at, and the article Mercato: l’Italie lance les grands mouvements, published by and found at

Considering everything written about Frank Lucas (not just official news articles), we decided the overall sentiment for Frank Lucas on 2019-07-02 is decent.

Do you have anything you’d like to share on Frank Lucas as of 2019-07-02? Let us know in the comments! (And keep it civil)

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