Ten minute Bundesliga Previews – 8. VfL Wolfsburg

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For the new Bundesliga season, BundesPremierLeague is rolling out a new feature: a podcast called Ten minute Bundesliga previews that you can find on Soundcloud as well.

The basic idea and the reason for the podcast is to give a quick summary of each team before the new Bundesliga season starts in late August. If you missed the transfer window, tuned out soccer for the summer, and\or were too busy watching the Olympics or the Euros to keep up with your club’s events, this is your chance to catch up. While the episodes and the previews are aiming to introduce the Bundesliga to a larger English-speaking audience, there will be more than enough content for die-hard fans to get a couple of nuggets for the upcoming season. I mean don’t you wanna impress your friends before the Bundesliga kicks off?

The format is as follows: we will start by briefly discussing the club’s background and history, moving on to last season’s performance. That is followed by some offseason transfers and finally we give a preview of next year, ending with a season prediction, with a number indicative of their predicted finish in the 16\17 season.

VfL Wolfsburg occupy the 8th spot in these rankings. The club from Lower Saxony was founded in 1945 in the city which shares its name and ties to Volkswagen. It really wasn’t until the 1990s that the Wolves became a Bundesliga participant, but by 2008\09 the club had won its first and only championship, thanks to Felix Magath providing the managerial talent, while the striker duo of Grafite, Edin Dzeko (54 goals combined) brought some clinical finishing with Zvjezdan Misimovic racking up twenty assists. Die Wölfe have been a Bundesliga title contender since then, but the sale of Kevin De Bruyne at the end ofa huge 2014/15 campaign led to a disappointing 8th place last year. Can Dieter Hecking and the slew of summer signings (Mario Gomez moved to Wolfsburg after the recording) bring them back to the glory days? Listen and find out.

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Thanks and stay tuned for more Ten Minute Bundesliga Previews to be posted in the next couple of days as the Bundesliga gets underway this week!

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About Abel Meszaros Abel started out watching and playing soccer in Hungary, before falling in love with the Bundesliga in the mid - 90s (thanks to Kicker and Sat1's Ran). Abel is faithful to BVB, but also endlessly fascinated by the emergence of new teams and talents from Germany. His first English love was the Liverpool teams of Macca and Robbie Fowler, but these days he just roots for the underdogs. He loves to talk/read/write/think about soccer! Otherwise, you can find him working in publishing, teaching ESL, and/or drinking craft beer - not necessarily at the same time, or in that order. Abel tweets at @VanbastenESL and at @BundesPL

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