Southeast Asian stock markets close the day with uneven results

The Singapore Stock Exchange gained the most benefits from the Southeast Asian region while waiting for export data, while the Manila Stock Exchange had a day of losses after Monday’s boom, since the investors were dedicated to collect the benefits obtained on the eve.

Meanwhile, the parks of Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur ended the day with red numbers and that of Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam, closed with profits, while the Bangkok stock market closed for local Buddhist festivity.

In Singapore, the Stock Exchange advanced 12.08 points, 0.36 percent, and the composite indicator Straits Times closed at 3,360.03 integers.

The Yakarta square fell 16.35 units, 0.25 percent, and the JCI index ended at 6,401.88.

The Kuala Lumpur market fell 3.43 whole, 0.21 percent, and the selective KLCI ended at 1,668.94.

The parquet of Bangkok closed its doors for local festivity.

In the Philippines, the Manila Stock Exchange fell 101.72 points, 1.22 percent, and the selective PSEi stood at 8,263.57.

The Vietnamese stock exchange of Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon) gained 9.58 units or 0.99 percent and the VN index closed at 982.11 integers.

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