Mapfre reaches three million households insured in Spain

The insurance company Mapfre has reached three million home insurance policies in Spain, consolidating its leadership in this segment of the market, which also occupies a 15.3% share, as confirmed by the insurer.

In addition, in Spain there is a home loss every 8 seconds of which Mapfre solves a monthly average of 157,000, with a team of more than 3,700 professionals. These claims are framed within the many home insurance offered by Mapfre, from “all risk” to rent protection.

Regarding innovation, Mapfre is committed to new coverage and services, such as computer assistance for computers, smartphones and tablets or the digital protection service that allows requesting the tracking of personal information on the network, as well as deleting it. .

These services are added to other benefits that the entity has in their home insurance, such as free repair of appliances or DIY service, which includes nearly 500 free services. Last year, Mapfre managed more than 251,000 services of this type, representing 13% of claims declared at home.

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