Trump considers investigating Google for alleged collaboration with China

US President Donald Trump has suggested that the United States will investigate Google for “treason” because of alleged collaboration with the Chinese government. He has communicated through his Twitter account, referring to statements by billionaire investor Peter Thiel.

Trump believes that Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal , is “a brilliant and brilliant guy who knows this issue better than anyone.” We must also remember that the US and China are engaged in a commercial war, which still seems far from being solved.

It is not the first time that the US president takes it with the great technology. At the end of June, in an interview with Fox, he criticized companies such as Twitter or Google for suppressing their messages and public comments. “They are totally biased toward the Democrats,” so he suggested that “they should be sued.”

Twitter accused him of being “simply terrible”, because “they do not let you spread the word”. Regarding Google, he said that one of its executives has “hatred towards the Republicans”, referring to previous statements. Trump considered that if he became “a good liberal democrat, he would get five times more followers” in his social networks.

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