Huawei was abandoned by Google and received the hint from Samsung again

Samsung again quipped Huawei. (Twitter / SamsungUK) – It happened again, recently Huawei became a joke from Samsung again. This is known from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra promo in the UK. In the promo, Samsung gave Huawei a hint that it now has to fight without Google’s support.

I don’t know why Samsung keeps teasing Huawei about this conflict with Google. Samsung had previously given the same hint for the Huawei Mate 30, which was released without Google support.

When you start Phone Arena, the same thing happens again. Frankly, via the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra promotion in the UK, Samsung has given Huawei a hint that it has released that service without Google.

This is clearly evident in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra promo that Samsung uploaded to its official account @SamsungUK on Monday (May 10th, 2020).

In the advertising tweet, Samsung offered gadget users to switch to their family’s newest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Huawei logo. (Huawei)

Additionally, Samsung asked how to upgrade to the latest Huawei mobile phone that launched without Google assistance and the Google Maps application on its device.

“How can you upgrade to the latest Huawei phone without losing the Google Maps application?” Samsung wrote in the promo video.

Samsung also promised to give Huawei P30 Pro users who want to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra a discount of £ 350, or around 6.7 million rupees. This promotion is even valid until November 8, 2020.

As previously known, Huawei lost access to Google after this device was blacklisted by US retailers some time ago.

In terms of its popularity, Huawei device sales have declined in several countries after losing Google access. Although Huawei has innovated by creating its own operating system.