Make it laugh! These internet users get a picture when Indonesian citizens move abroad

Description of Indonesian citizens when moving abroad. (Twitter / @ andymakethings) – Recently the Omnibus Act was discussed and internet users were forced to change nationality.

Many Indonesian internet users say this, even internet users are making Sunda Empire a booming kingdom as a travel destination.

The creativity of the Indonesian citizens is admirable. After many conversations about the change of nationality, the photos that made us laugh appeared.

These photos are photographs that illustrate whether many Indonesian citizens (WNI) will later migrate to other countries.

Warganet edited photo when many Indonesian citizens migrate abroad (Twitter @andymakethings)

The Twitter account @andymakethings has created a number of edited photos. The first photo reads “One day after France accepted immigrants from Indonesia”.

In this photo we see the catfish-pecel tent stand that we often find on the roadside next to the Eiffel Tower. The grandeur of this romantic French icon seems to be broken by the existence of the Pecel catfish tent.

In the next photo there are also internet users sharing Angkringan photos in Tokyo. Not only here is there an edited photo of a meatball vendor pushing his cart in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Warganet edited photo when many Indonesian citizens migrate abroad (Twitter @andymakethings)

As of Saturday (10/10/2020), this thread upload was liked by 72,000 Internet users, received 1.6,000 tweet quotes and 29.2,000 retweets.

“Soon there will be Sate Taicham Geprek Ambyar and a luxurious piece of golden chicken claw,” wrote one of the netizens when quoting the thread.

Other internet users laughed at this thread.

“Gosh. Nasi Uduk go international opens the front branch of Eiffel,” he wrote, adding a crying emoticon at the end of his sentence.

What do you think? Will this really happen when a lot of Indonesian citizens move abroad? ( Kyuna)