Make women insecure, this chicken nail manicure video does salfok

Illustration of chicken feet. ( boedhijanto) – Nail care or manicures are usually done by you to beautify your nails.

It looks like it’s not just human nails that need servicing. A while back, a video of a successful chicken nail manicure made internet users nervous.

“If you are beautiful with chicken nails,” said the Instagram account @goalsmakeuppage, re-uploading the unique TikTok video from @ dokatka.

The video shows a person beautifying curly nails. It was no ordinary nail, it turned out to be a chicken claw in one hand.

The video of the chicken nail manicure is unsafe. (Instagram / @ Gatesmakeuppage)

The chicken claws are given a manicure gel treatment. After dyeing the nails red, don’t forget that the chicken claws are also UV dried.

The chicken nail manicure video had been viewed more than 179,000 times as of Sunday (11/10/2020). Many internet users also expressed their various answers in the comment column.

The average internet user admits they are amazed at the fact that there are people who do their nail care for chicken claws. There are also those who are suddenly unsure of their own fingernails.

“I just discovered that chicken nails are better than mine,” commented one internet user.

“Lack of work. I’d better have my nails here instead of claws,” commented another internet user.

“Our nails lose to chicken toenails,” said another internet user.

The funny thing is, besides, there are also those who really don’t care about the results of the manicure. They just imagined how delicious it would be if the chicken claws were cooked to taste.

“It’s okay, it’ll take as long as a check,” wrote one Internet user in the comment section.

“Keep cooking chicken curry,” commented another internet user.

“Instead of doing it that way, it’s good to make a spicy leg,” added another internet user.

Upload a video of this chicken nail manicure and then go viral on social media. ( Sekarani Imamun Nissa)