The most exciting are the tickets for every RRQ Hoshi match, which is always sold out within 5 minutes

RRQ Hoshi. (Instagram / – Recently the RRQ fan base RRQ Kingdom announced that tickets to every RRQ Hoshi game are always sold out within just 5 minutes of the sale. This clearly shows the popularity of the esports team Lemon is facing.

The facts about each RRQ Hoshi game were disclosed by RRQ Kingdom by uploading the @ rrq_kingdomm account on Wednesday (9/30/2020).

During the upload it was stated that tickets for every game of the Indonesian MPL team RRQ Hoshi are always used up within 5 minutes of the sale.

If you don’t get a ticket to the RRQ Hoshi game, rest assured that you won’t be able to see Lemon and friends performing in the arena.

“Arena tickets for every RRQ Hoshi game are always used up in just 5 minutes!” Wrote RRQ Kingdom in the upload.

RRQ Hoshi playing cards. (instagram / rrq_kingdomm)

It’s not surprising to know this fact, as RRQ Hoshi is considered to be one of the strongest and toughest teams in the Mobile Legends pro scene. With a strong line-up, any RRQ Hoshi game is always exciting and it would be a shame to miss it.

The more interesting, this one team is rarely defeated. On the other hand, RRQ Hoshi is the last and top contestant in any game.

“ You have to know there are so many tickets in line to see RRQ Hoshi. So if you lose fast you won’t get it, sometimes even under 5 minutes! Horrified, right? «» Wrote @rrq_kingdomm.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the big MPL Indonesia Season 6 tournament is taking place online. If kept offline, the facts about RRQ Hoshi playing cards which always sell out within 5 minutes can be proven.