A friend picked up on this vintage motorcycle, Internet user: a million memories

Old school motorcycle. (Instagram / content.uwu)

Hitekno.com – Videos uploaded to the @ content.uwu account recently caught the attention of internet users to go viral on Instagram. During the upload, a girl appears to have been picked up on an old motorcycle.

A viral upload on Instagram about the girl who was picked up by her boyfriend on an old motorcycle caught the attention after uploading the @ content.uwu account last Saturday (03/10/2020).

In the uploaded video, you can see a girl with a neat look waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up on a street corner.

When the girlfriend arrives, her boyfriend’s old motorcycle has successfully stolen the attention of internet users. This man can be seen to have come on an old school motorcycle, the red Suzuki Shogun.

When internet users saw the old motorcycle that his girlfriend used to pick up this girl, they left various comments. Many people said that this old motorcycle had a lot of memories.

Old school motorcycle. (Instagram / content.uwu)

“Shogun a million safe memories,” @ content.uwu wrote in the upload caption.

“The Shogun is always in front,” replied the Internet user with the Instagram account @hellenputrilianto.

“I admit tough shogunmu,” commented the account owner @abihidayatt.

Although the girlfriend’s old motorcycle caught her eye, some internet users mistakenly had to focus on the boyfriend’s costume. The friend wore well-groomed clothes and came in with cord pants and a jacket.

” It’s not a problem with the bike, the problem with the cord. For men, when you want to date a girl, do it a little, use a little perfume, wear decent clothes. It’s not that you don’t accept what it is, but when you display everything for yourself, the mood goes down when you wear clothes, ”said the account @ heel2toes.id.

Viral on Instagram, uploads about the girl who recorded her boyfriend with an old motorcycle were viewed more than 1 million times and collected more than two thousand comments from internet users.