Check out this photo of a police car that has amazed internet users

The name of this police car made internet users wonder. (Twitter / hasdirto) – Identical police vehicles in gray with clear paintwork on the hood and sides. However, this one portrait of a police car amazed Internet users.

Typically this police car uses sedans, MPVs, and double cab pickups. It all depends on the needs of each region.

Writing the police name on the corpse usually indicates the location of the car. But sometimes there are police names on body panels that make you wonder, one of them is this one.

A portrait of a police car shared from @hasdirto Twitter account went viral on social media. This is because the car has a pretty unique name on the side of the body.

The words “Sampeyan Police Station” have become the spotlight on internet users. You will be amazed with these fonts.

The name of this police car made internet users wonder. (Twitter / hasdirto)

“Sittingsampeyan” means “not you” in Indonesian. This language is a Javanese language that is very popular among the Javanese people.

In fact, SATsampeyan on the police car is the official name of a region in Indonesia.

According to research from various sources, Sittingsampeyan is the name of a place in the Gresik region in East Java.

This article received responses from internet users in the comments column for viral posts on social media.

“Is the Sopo? (Who then?)” @Jekaelemenope wrote.

“I’m standing, I’m not sitting anymore …” tweeted @resahmenyepi.

This is the portrait of a Sitsampeyan police car that caught internet users’ attention only to go viral on social media. ( Gagah Radhitya Widiaseno).