Expand these characters during the demo, netizens: Only players who understand

The demo carries a unique poster. (Twitter / @ GamesMenfess)

Hitekno.com – Generally, during demonstrations, students carry banners or posters protesting an unapproved policy.

Similarly, some students who took part in the demonstration rejected the collection law in several regions of Indonesia some time ago.

Usually the poster also contains satirical sentences for the person or institution being protested against. However, this is different from the players participating in this demo.

One student even holds out a poster that has an icon on the console, such as a letter. B. round, triangular, square to arrows.

The demo carries a unique poster. (Twitter / @ GamesMenfess)

In the middle of the demo, the symbol on the poster stands out because the portrait uploaded from the @GamesMenfess account looks like only gamers will understand.

These symbols are a cheat for the GTA game on the PlayStation 2, which means that they will be arrested against the police.

The portrait then received various comments from internet users on Twitter.

“GTA game on PlayStation 2, cheat to get anti-police,” wrote an internet user on Twitter.

“It’s not the GTA cheat,” commented one internet user.

“So remember, when you play PlayStation, you will definitely bring all the GTA cheats with you,” another internet user comment.

“Oh god, I want to play PlayStation again,” wrote a comment from internet users on Twitter.

“It’s really cool to think about it again,” commented another internet user on Twitter.

Uploaded a demo poster for the Gamer Boy went viral on Twitter and got more than two thousand likes.