New strategy: Apple sends devices to consumers straight from the store

Apple store. (Pixabay / 3005398) – Apple has changed the way devices are shipped to consumers. Now Apple no longer sends its devices from China or from local warehouses.

The company will now use the Apple Store network as a de facto fulfillment hub, delivering products straight from the store to reach customers faster.

According to The Verge’s website, the company is using nearly 300 Apple stores in the US and Canada to expedite local deliveries for customers.

The company ships direct to customers within 100 miles of an Apple Store.

Apple store. (Pixabay / Chewee1990)

Apple appears to have deployed the new system in a few stores earlier this year, but a broader rollout is pending for Apple’s upcoming iPhone launch.

Changes made by Apple are internal, according to a report by Bloomberg, so customers are unable to choose the store their devices will ship to.

However, using a retail store to facilitate faster delivery to customers can help get the new iPhone into the customer’s hands much faster.

These iPhone devices will ship much faster, especially when these stores have much less personal traffic due to the pandemic.