Not only EVOS, but also the popularity of the Indonesian esports team dominates Southeast Asia

EVOS Esports wins Mobile Legends M1. (instagram / evosesports) – EVOS has been named the most popular esports team in Southeast Asia, well beyond neighboring countries. However, this team is not the only one from Indonesia that is gaining high popularity.

Even for the Southeast Asia region, the Indonesian esports team seems to dominate. Even the top 4 in this region are dominated by our country.

There is no need to question the popularity of the Indonesian esports team EVOS. This esports team is known to have successfully scored top professional players from time to time, which has made it one of the most popular esports teams in Southeast Asia.

Information about EVOS, which has successfully become the most popular esports team in Southeast Asia, was released by Esports Charts on Friday (9/10/2020).

In terms of the evolution of the world of esports worldwide, mobile games are still less enthusiastic compared to other countries. Mobile games are now very much in demand in Asia.

So popular that it is only natural for different fans to watch various esports tournaments in Asia in the mobile games category. Various esports teams are known to have a strong fan base spread across different regions in Southeast Asia, including EVOS.

Based on the number of followers in various social media such as TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram to Facebook, the team that Wannn joins has managed to dominate the top as the most popular esports team in Southeast Asia.

EVOS is the most popular eSports team in South Asia. (Esports Charts)

The launch of is based on the number of EVOS followers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook reaching more than 6 million. Right behind EVOS is Aura Esports, which had 5.8 million followers.

In third place follows the archenemy of EVOS, RRQ, with a total of 4.1 million followers in several social media.

Right behind RRQ are Bigetron from Indonesia with 2.3 million, Heavy from Vietnam with 1.3 million and ONIC Esports with 1.3 million followers in various social media.

Given their performance and advancements in the pro scene, there is no doubt that EVOS is the most popular esports team in Southeast Asia. Various well-known professional players like Oura and Jess No Limit are even known as the best EVOS dropouts.

That is the dominance of the Indonesian esports team, not just the EVOS, which is popular in the Southeast Asia region. We can see that Aura, RRQ, and Bigetron are still on that list.