Payload 2.0 Release, PUBG Mobile Get Lots of New Features – Fans of the PUBG Mobile game were surprised this time around when they unveiled Payload 2.0 and some other recent features.

In Payload 2.0, players can prepare for “Rock and Load” as PUBG Mobile has made many new changes in this mode to make the combat experience more intense, challenging and exciting through various new improvements.

Like the presence of armored vehicles, a number of sophisticated weapons and many other updates, all of which are available in the EvoGround feature and can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

“PUBG Mobile’s Payload 2.0 mode is a mode that fans have been waiting for a long time. It now offers a range of new and interesting features that have never been implemented before, from armed vehicles to sophisticated devices. This shows once again the commitment of PUBG Mobile to continue to innovate and bring PUBG Mobile fans around the world a more intense, challenging and exciting fighting experience, “said Jenny, Marketing Manager of PUBG Mobile, Jenny in a statement on Monday ( December 10, 2012). 2020).

PUBG Mobile releases Payload 2.0 mode (PUBG Mobile)

Introduced exactly a year ago, this payload mode has become hugely popular with PUBG Mobile gamers as it offers a new way of fighting.

With the feature update in Payload 2.0 and in order to gain a strategic advantage in this exciting game, a player can now use a variety of powerful vehicles equipped with super weapons that have tremendous destructive power.

Below is a summary of the latest content available in Payload 2.0 mode:

Armed vehicles

The classic vehicles that players use when turning or moving are no longer the same. Now vehicles such as the UAZ, Dacia, buggy and truck are coated with strong armor and equipped with super weapons that have extremely destructive power.

In addition, PUBG Mobile has added a new aircraft, namely a helicopter equipped with a machine gun.

With these helicopters, players can have a new experience of flying in the sky and attacking enemies from a great height.

Superpowered weapons

A variety of new weapons have been added to the Super Weapons lineup, including the AT4-A laser missile, a laser-guided missile that allows enemies to be attacked more precisely, and the M202 quadruple RPG, a missile launcher with 4 barrel shots so you can get yourself don’t have to worry. refill the missile.

Supertactical equipment

In addition to state-of-the-art weapons, PUBG Mobile also offers state-of-the-art equipment in this mode, such as the UAV control terminal, with which an unmanned drone can be summoned and armed with 8 missiles.

With this drone, players can find out where the enemy is and drop the missile from space to the designated location. There is also a portable radar unit that provides information on the enemy’s position and vehicle.

Armor vest bomb

This particular vest can be found in the “Loot” section and is used to reduce the damage from the explosion received.

Secret room and headquarters

Secret rooms appear randomly on the map and contain a variety of other superpower and loot weapons. Headquarters will be activated as soon as the game starts.

“This is where players will be provided with heavy weapons and powerful equipment, including the ability to re-function teammates who have entered spectator mode by taking their ID cards and taking them to the nearest radio tower,” said Jenny. Ivan Supriyatna)