Simple transactions, here are 5 reasons why GoPay is more practical

5 good reasons to use GoPay. (GoPay) – GoPay continues to be an innovative digital payment service from the community, this time with an update to the display function for sending credits to co-users. The GoPay feed allows users to share exciting moments with other GoPay friends while transferring funds.

Timothius Martin, GoPay senior vice president of product marketing, said, “GoPay wire transfers are an easy and secure choice, especially during a pandemic, to prioritize contactless payments. We want to offer a different and more exciting experience in transferring funds by adding a social element. In the past two weeks, users have shared more than 240,000 moments on the GoPay feed. “

The method is pretty simple: by downloading the latest version of the Gojek application, users can access a new look and feel from the “Browse” menu on the Gojek application home page. You can see a number of names, profile photos and activities or exciting moments shared by other friends. Co-users can also like each other and comment on the message. If only the sender and recipient should know the transfer time, the user can select the data protection setting as confidential.

Timothius revealed 5 reasons to broadcast #LebihEnak with GoPay:

5 good reasons to use GoPay. (GoPay)

Simply send the balance by phone number

You don’t need an account number, you don’t have to go to an ATM. All users have to do is send their GoPay balance by entering the target mobile number or scanning the recipient’s QR code with no additional fees. Send credits to parents from different cities, joint ventures with gangs, pay routine monthly bills, everything is easier with GoPay.

You can interact while sharing exciting moments on the GoPay feed
You can give them an emoji code and special message when you send them the balance. Express your moments in the GoPay feed and share them with friends.

No need to send proof of referral
The recipient will immediately receive a notification or notification via the Gojek application when the GoPay account balance has been received. No need to send another screenshot!

It is no longer cumbersome to collect debts from friends
It’s a shame not to collect any debts using the “Request” or “Request” function. Via GoPay, users can send funds and easily collect funds without entering the application. You can also use this function to transfer monthly pocket money.

The administration fee is free
Would you like to pay debts to friends, send GoPay credit to younger siblings so that they can order GoFood? It is better to simply send funds with GoPay, with no administration fees.

Since GoPay first introduced the “Send Balance” feature in 2017, users have continued to enjoy the convenience and security of transferring funds via GoPay for a variety of purposes, such as:

“We see payments as the link between one person and another. Since the pandemic, GoPay transfer transactions, particularly during Ramadan and Eid, have increased significantly up to four times to exchange greetings or THR through GoPay,” added Timothius.

Share exciting moments for you and your closest friends on the GoPay feed so transfers can get even more exciting. More information about GoPay Feed can be found at Terms-and-Conditions-Gopay-Feed /. To use this feature, make sure you have upgraded your account to GoPay Plus.