Siren eSports becomes a dark horse and becomes the champion of MDL Indonesia Season 2

Siren eSports wins MDL Indonesia Season 2. (Instagram / Sirenesports) – The final of the second MDL Indonesia season officially took place last Sunday (October 11th, 2020). After finishing third on ONIC Esports, the MDL Indonesia season two final brought together Siren eSports and RRQ Sena.

Not the best candidate to begin with, Siren eSprots made new history in MDL Indonesia’s second season and became a dark horse by beating RRQ Sena 3-1.

For this crucial match, Siren eSports teamed up with Altamiz, JeYy, AzeR, SamoHt and Inviz. In the meantime, RRQ brought Sena Skylar, Xoxo, 824, Bless and Yummy.

Although they had to face a large team, the Siren eSports squad was confident in the first game. Altamiz was so powerful with Ling that it overpowered RRQ Sena.

Siren eSports’ nice game made some of RRQ Sena’s heroes collapse, so the points in the first game were instantly bagged by the eSports team formed by Eiduart, the former ONIC front man.

Siren eSports wins MDL Indonesia Season 2. (Instagram / Sirenesports)

Upon entering the second game, RRQ Sena has to admit the heavy pressure exerted by Siren eSports. Skylar and his friends were able to defend themselves well and successfully ended the second game with an obliterated game, in which the position remained a 1-1 draw.

RRQ Sena and Siren eSports took the third game very seriously. Thanks to fat heroes like Change, Hilda, Harith, Chou and Khaleed, Siren eSports managed to overpower RRQ Sena.

Siren eSports finished the game within 17 minutes, beating RRQ Sena with an endpoint of 17-9. The game will then continue until the fourth game.

Siren eSports wins MDL Indonesia Season 2. (Instagram / Sirenesports)

As a determination, RRQ Sena entered the fourth game with several aggressive heroes like Hilda, Change, Ling, Eudora and Xborg. The more sophisticated eSports siren in the game can fend off any attack for your team.

It wasn’t long before Siren eSports confirmed the victory in 11 minutes and became the champion of MDL Indonesia’s second season with convincing points, namely 22-2 against Skylar and friends.

Siren eSports isn’t a champion in MDL Indonesia Season 2, but it looks good and is proving to be one of the tough esports teams in the Mobile Legends pro scene.