Support of the digital transformation and expansion of the Cloud Workday Service to Indonesia

Working day service illustration. (Working day) – Workday, a cloud solutions company for human and financial resource management, has announced its expansion into Indonesia.

This Workday extension to Indonesia is designed to support the digital transformation of companies in Indonesia.

The Workday Indonesia office is headed by Fitrah Muhammad, who was recently appointed General Manager for ASEAN Workdays (excluding Singapore and Malaysia).

Fitrah himself has more than two decades of experience in managing software and hardware solutions for companies that specialize in the implementation and consulting of technologies.

Indonesia has the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia, valued at $ 40 billion and estimated at $ 133 billion by 2025.

During this pandemic, Indonesia is increasingly looking to achieve its digital ambitions.

Fitrah Muhammad – General Manager of ASEAN Workdays. (Working day)

Based on Workday’s 2020 Digital Agility Index study, 96% of business leaders in Indonesia have digital transformation as one of their priorities.

Many companies are also optimistic about expanding their organizational agility through digital technology. 64% believe that they can outperform their colleagues if they are technologically outstanding.

An integrated Workday system and platform can help companies in Indonesia monitor data analysis and the actual movement of their human resources.

This has always been the focus of Workday, helping organizations improve their ability to manage and plan their workforce needs.

Workday currently serves more than 200 customers in Indonesia, including local and multinational companies such as Gojek, FWD, Unilever and Citibank.