This Abandoned Building Video Goes Viral, Internet Users: What Have Indigo Children Seen?

Abandoned building in Bali. (Instagram / kegoblogan.unfaedah) – Recently, the TikTok video uploaded by @hainoppp went viral on Instagram. In the video you can see an abandoned building in Bali that is no longer inhabited. According to an investigation, this building appeared to be an abandoned hotel in 2002.

TikTok’s video about this abandoned building in Bali went viral on Instagram after the account @ kegoblogan.unfaedah was uploaded last Sunday (11/10/2020).

In the video, an internet user appears to be recording the condition of an abandoned building that later became known as a hotel in the Bedugul area.

The video description shows that the abandoned building is a hotel, the construction of which had to be stopped because of the bombing in Bali in 2002.

This building was built in near-perfect shape, but it remains uninhabited so it looks unkempt. Locals call this building the Ghost Palace Hotel.

Abandoned building in Bali. (Instagram / kegoblogan.unfaedah)

After this upload went viral on Instagram, some internet users asked the Indigo kid to see the appearance in this location.

“What indigo kids did you see in this video?” write @ kegoblogan.unfaedah in the upload label.

Some internet users who claim to be indigo said there have been many sightings in the area where the hotel is located. However, there are also those who actually don’t see any appearance on this abandoned construction site.

Abandoned building in Bali. (Instagram / kegoblogan.unfaedah)

“I don’t see anything, my heart is empty,” replied the internet user with the @riduanmn_ account.

“There are so many branches and there is a rich dimension at the door for them to get in and out,” commented the owner of the Instagram account @raflisadeli.

Viral on Instagram, the upload of this abandoned building video has received thousands of internet user comments and has been viewed more than 1 million times after being uploaded.