This beautiful girl is relaxing to hold cockroaches with her bare hands and amusing internet users

Video of a girl who catches a cockroach with her bare hands. – (Instagram/@smart.gram) – Roaches make people disgusted to the point of fear, but it’s different from this beautiful girl. He was casually crawling the insect that was crawling on his body.

The action of this beautiful hijab girl was recorded in a video that went viral on social media after creating a scene for internet users who saw her.

In the video posted on TikTok, a cockroach suddenly appears walking on her upper body. Quietly, this girl took the cockroach and, to the amazement of Internet users, showed it to the camera.

The Instagram account shares TikTok videos from @ salsaaudi25. Seen a beautiful girl wearing a dark blue veil and white shirt. He appeared to be acting in front of the camera by turning his face away.

Suddenly a sufficiently large cockroach walked quietly on her chest. This girl didn’t look surprised. Then he pointed the camera at the cockroach. I saw a cockroach run between the folds of the veil.

Video of a girl who catches a cockroach with her bare hands. – (Instagram/@smart.gram)

Then he caught the cockroach in his hand. This beautiful girl had one big-eyed look at the cockroach, showing an animal that many men feared even in front of the camera.

“Hi Cockroach, it’s really scary,” the girl said in a video that went viral on social media.

Although he admitted that he was afraid of the cockroach, he calmly touched the animal and removed it from his body. In general, cockroaches are one of the small animals that are feared, especially when they can fly.

See HERE the action of a beautiful girl holding a cockroach

Video of a girl who catches a cockroach with her bare hands. – (Instagram/@smart.gram)

The video has been liked more than 4000 times since it was uploaded on Sunday (11/10/2020). There are hundreds of comments from internet users.

Many internet users praised the girl’s ability to touch the cockroach with bare hands without screaming in a panic.

“Was it just me who initially felt like a boy,” wrote the account @ refauzan17.

“Why are cockroaches only for me,” commented the account @ bawel93_dwie.

“I’m not the guy who’s afraid of cockroaches either, I just caught flying cockroaches,” he replied to the @ hera.satria account.

Meanwhile, the @mayaajah account said, “Those who hold me are amused.”

This is a viral video on social media where a beautiful girl casually holds a girl who amuses internet users. ( Mutiara Rizka Maulina).