Unboxing Realme C17, HP with jumbo memory at a cost of 2 million rupees

Realme C17. (Rich)

Hitekno.com – On October 14th, Realme not only launched the Realm 7 Pro “65W Charging Evolution” on the market, but also smartphones from the entry-level category as a complementary smartphone from the C series, namely the C17 realm with “Rock Memory, Super Screen “. . realme C17 offers the best specs of previous Realm C-series smartphones, e.g. B. a battery and a larger screen.

This time around, Realme is giving a different twist to the storage sector, and the screen display that was previously only present in the upper segment is now palpable for users in the C-Series Realm smartphones category. Let’s take a look at the C17 sales box before it’s officially launched in Indonesia.

Realme C17 still carries the Realme sales box with a bright yellow color. Upon opening, users will find the Realme C17 smartphone unit, a USB Type-C cable, 18W fast charge, a manual and a silicone case to protect the smartphone.

Realme C17 has a large storage capacity of 6 GB + 256 GB and a 90 Hz ultra-smooth display to bring the user convenience without worrying about the storage capacity running out quickly, so various mobile games for the price of the best smartphone in its segment can be enjoyed and saved with ease. . For its superiority, Realme C17 will be the smartphone with the largest storage capacity, a popular 90 Hz screen with a hole in the price segment of 2 million rupees.

256 GB Solid Memory, Super 90Hz Screen: First with special internal memory only in Indonesia

Realme C17. (Realme)

With the slogan “Solid Memory, Super Screen”, the Realme C17 has 6 GB + 256 GB of internal memory, making it the largest internal memory configuration in the Realme C series. With such a large memory, Realme C17 users will find it easier to store work files and multimedia files, and even store or play other heavy mobile games. Not to mention, Realme is also showcasing a 90Hz ultra-smooth display screen that is in the C-Series range for the first time. By embedding various superior specifications, Realme recognizes its commitment to continue delivering cutting edge technology to all of its smartphone lines. For users who love to play games, the responsive screen allows you to win more games.

Front-runner with powerful charging technology and endless battery life

The realme C17 is also equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and a fast charge of 18 W, so that users can do more other activities thanks to efficient fast charging technology. The 18 W fast charge alone increases the charging speed and shortens the charging time of your smartphone compared to other smartphones with a large battery that do not have a fast charging solution.

Leading the way with 13MP AI quad camera, trendy design and high-end smartphone quality

As a tech trendsetter, realme is committed to bringing the latest trends into the technology industry. realme C17 comes with a quad camera configuration that uses a 13MP image sensor and is supported by AI functions. With Realm C17, users can capture every moment like a professional photographer with just one touch. realme has also made the Realme C17 splash-proof and sealed the important parts of this smartphone with silicone rubber, making it perfect for everyday use.

Collaboration with Dalang Pelo for Solid Memory, Super Screen

Realme C17. (Realme)

Realme has always presented a unique and youth-focused approach to the launch of its new products. At the launch of Realme C17, this time Realme worked with Dalang Pelo – a local Indonesian comic producer. Puppeteer Pelo represents a young soul of the empire who is cheerful, dynamic, creative and active, so a large storage capacity is required to store application files and digital multimedia works on a smartphone.

Realme C17 will be launched simultaneously with realme 7 Pro on October 14th at 13:03 WIB via a live broadcast from realme Indonesia YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and realme.com. Save the date now, look forward to the launch event and follow @realmeindonesia’s Instagram account or visit realme.com/id for information on the launch event for realme 7 Pro and realme C17.