3 Easy Ways To Boost The Mind Of Online School Kids

Support school children online. (Samsung)

Hitekno.com – The Distance Learning Process (PJJ), which has been going on in almost all schools in Indonesia for more than seven months, often encounters obstacles felt by various parties such as students (children) and parents.

Based on a survey by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) titled “Willingness to Learn in the COVID-19 Pandemic”, one of the obstacles faced by students (children) during the PYY is the difficulty of concentrating fully while studying. In addition, it is believed that parents will have to pay high costs for adequate equipment and data packages to support the PJJ process.

With the School Stay Spirit program, Samsung Electronics Indonesia is the answer to the existing challenges and offers parents and children a solution for the better PJJ process in Indonesia.

“During the PJJ phase, parents and children often face a variety of challenges, from equipment to quotas to difficulty focusing on the learning phase. This is why Samsung is committed to providing a better PJJ solution with the School Stay Spirit program This program offers parents the bundling of the Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A11 at affordable prices, exclusive internet allotment and great features that can support a more efficient learning process, “said Irfan Rinaldi, Product Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Support school children online. (Samsung)

To answer the various challenges parents and students face during the PYY, see three simple and economical ways to support children studying at home:

Know the needs that support children’s concentration on learning
Kemdikbud also said that, on average, students cannot understand the classroom in distance learning conditions because they fail to focus fully while studying at home. The Focus Mode feature, available on the Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy A01, and Galaxy A11, allows parents to limit the type and number of uses children can do during the PJJ process. This allows children to be more focused and less distracted.

Get to know the right and efficient PJJ Children’s Support application
The variety and type of PYY support applications that exist today sometimes confuse parents or children in the learning process. In addition, the number of applications running at the same time indirectly reduces the performance of the device in use. The presence of Android GO on the Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A11 with the support of the YouTube GO and Google GO applications makes the device performance more efficient and optimizes the learning process with a smoother smartphone experience.

Choose the right device and data plan

Support school children online. (Samsung)

The stigma spread in the community about adequate PJJ-supporting smartphone devices will now cost a lot of money, is not an obstacle, as Samsung is part of the School Keeping Spirit program Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A11 along with data quota packages from Indosat and Telkomsel presents.

Galaxy A01 Core can only be obtained for Rp. 999,000.00 for the 1 / 16GB variant and Rp. 1,149,000.00 for the 2 / 32GB variant. Buyers receive an internet quota bonus of up to 24 GB for one year from Indosat Ooredoo by simply topping up Rp. 20,000.00 every month. This contingent bonus does not deduct the nominal credit filled in by the customer.

In addition, the Samsung School Stay Spirit program is also available through the bundling packages Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A11, which are equipped with an internet rate from Telkomsel, which are each offered at the special price of Rp. 1,249,000 for the Galaxy A01 and Rp 1,899,000 for the Galaxy A11. Buyers can get both smartphones with an internet quota of 48 GB for one year from Telkomsel by paying only Rp. 32,000.00 per month from the normal price of Rp. 64,000.00 per month.

The Samsung School Stay Spirit program runs from September 30th to December 31st, 2020. In order to offer parents more convenience, Samsung is now offering, in cooperation with Home Credit Indonesia, installments of up to 12 months for the purchase of the Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A11 to 90 thousand every month.