Anies’ tweets about a bus stop being burned when the demo receives criticism, internet users: It’s really strange

Anies Baswedan. ( Fuadi Muflih) – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan recently drew attention to a bus stop that was burned during a demonstration against the Omnibus Act some time ago with a tweet. Anies Baswedan’s tweet was confusing and was criticized by internet users.

Anies Baswedan’s tweet regarding the fire stop caught attention after he uploaded the @aniesbaswedan account on Monday (December 10th, 2020) and immediately went viral on Twitter.

In his tweet, Anies Baswedan paid tribute to the ranks of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and BUMD for handling the halter that was burned on Thursday (8/10/2020) due to the mass action against the Omnibus Act.

“ High appreciation to all levels of the DKI provincial government and the BUMD as well as to other parties who helped during the raid on this stop. Fire may burn up the interruptions, but the knowledge and enthusiasm for rebuilding so that the residents don’t burn is even stronger, ”Anies Baswedan wrote on his @aniesbaswedan account.

Anies Baswedan’s statement regarding the fire that burned this bus stop has been heavily criticized by internet users. According to some internet users, the government should have taken preventive measures before the vandalism occurred.

Anies Baswedan tweeted about a bus stop that was burned during the demonstration. (twitter / aniesbaswedan)

“How come” fire can burn the bus stop “, it should have been prevented so that the bus stop was not burned. Reduce all risks. It is really strange,” replied the Internet user.

“So it’s okay to burn the bus stop on fire,” commented another Internet user.

An internet user defending Anies Baswedan said Anies Baswedan’s tweets were well-intentioned but were deliberately interpreted differently by some people.

The charred Trans Jakarta Tosari bus stop was burned by the crowds. ( Atmaja)

“What about ‘Fire can burn the bus stop, but the spirit of building doesn’t burn’, really easy, even though it’s twisted, ‘Oh, so you can burn the bus stop?’ Please be a little smart, become a citizen, ”said another internet user.

Previously, the Trans Jakarta Tosari bus stop was burned by the masses during the demonstration to reject the omnibus law last Thursday (August 10, 2020). The Jakarta DKI government took care of repairs and immediately took care of these public facilities.

With various responses from internet users, Anies Baswedan’s tweet about the stop burned during the demonstration against the omnibus law has garnered more than 2,000 retweets and thousands of responses from internet users after it went viral on Twitter.