Appearing in this online class can instantly cause you to focus incorrectly

Online appearances in the classroom. (instagram / binggo.ig) – During the corona virus pandemic, teaching and learning activities must be conducted online. Recently, internet users were misled by the appearance of this hilarious gig in an online class video that went viral on Instagram.

Uploads via viral online class videos on Instagram caught the attention after uploading the @ binggo.ig account last Sunday (11/10/2020).

“Join School To Be Taught,” wrote the title in this upload.

From the uploaded video, you can see the atmosphere of the online class taking place in earnest. As soon as one of the students appeared there was an appearance that immediately made the focus wrong.

In the video of one of these students it can be seen that there is an appearance where a focus is immediately wrong. Right next to one of the students, a cat seemed to be paying close attention to every lesson the teacher was teaching in the online class.

Online appearances in the classroom. (instagram / binggo.ig)

When the employer realized that his cat was the focus of this online class, he immediately hit the cat on the head so that it immediately strayed from the camera screen.

“Online lessons with a cat check” explains the description in this video.

After going viral on Instagram, upload uploads about appearances in online classes that can get that focus wrong and receive various comments from internet users after uploading.

“The Anabul is active, what,” replied the Internet user with the @ meissyindhs account.

“Hahaha, his school,” commented the owner of the Instagram account @ yaatdayat_20.

“Wow, what a shame about the cat,” said an Internet user with the Instagram account @mochgrifanrahesa, who apologized because the cat was hit by his employer.

“So it’s not barbaric,” wrote the internet user who owns the @desvianurulihsanii account.

Viral uploads of appearances in online classes that put that false focus on Instagram were viewed 76,000 times and received dozens of internet user comments after uploading.