Failed 200 times in arcade games, the man said the police had requested an investigation

A man in Japan is upset about 200 failed arcade games and reports to the police. (Twitter / 84848141a) – Claw crane or UFO catcher arcade games are very popular in Japan. Not only do they give tempting gifts, they are known for their difficult challenges.

It is not uncommon for people to be curious to end up spending a ton of coins to win the prize. But ultimately it failed due to the difficulty of arcade games.

Like this man in Japan who failed emotionally 200 times when he tried the claw crane. I was so upset that he received a police report asking for an investigation.

This man was quoted by from and called a local police officer after resenting over 200 failed attempts in one of the SEGA arcades.

This story was posted on a Twitter account at 84848141a, which also featured a photo of police officers coming to the arcade slot machine.

A man in Japan is upset about 200 failed arcade games and reports to the police. (Twitter / 84848141a)

Local police officers also complied with the man’s request to investigate the claw crane game at a Japanese arcade center.

This policeman asked the SEGA Arcade Game Center staff to try this game out. How is the result? These staff also often failed.

Reportedly, the SEGA Arcade staff failed to try this UFO catcher game for up to 300 tries, more than the men who reported.

As the end result, the staff decided to move the place of the award to make it easier to source. So that players can win it more easily.

After his transfer, this man tried to play again and it turned out he could win the award. Not as difficult as at the beginning before the police report.

Anger in Japan at 200 arcade games that failed, a man in Japan reports to the police. (Twitter / 84848141a)

After this story got busy on social media, SEGA also gave a statement. The Japanese company said that arcade games are made for everyone.

“Overall, crane games are meant to help customers prove their skills and happiness, knowing that the price doesn’t necessarily come out when they put money into it. Of course, we go to great lengths to keep our employees informed about the customer’s situation If something is wrong, please feel free to call them and ask them to help you a little. This is a fundamental task for our company, “said SEGA, published

This is the story of a man in Japan who was upset 200 times when he failed an arcade game and went to the police. Until finally the staff helped to reduce the difficulty of the claw crane.