In collaboration with Oreo, Halo Infinite presents Anyar DLC

Halo Infinite game poster. (Twitter / Hello) – Halo Infinite, one of the interesting FPS games on Xbox Series X, has a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign. As part of the new DLC, they “put” the content in the Oreo packaging.

Microsoft recently reached an agreement with Mondelez. It is a company that owns the brands Oreo, Cadbury, Sour Patch Kids, Nutter Butter and many more brands.

Mondelez Snack Packs store codes that can be used to unlock specific content in Halo Infinite.

When players purchase Oreo and enter a code, they can receive Halo Infinite DLC.

This campaign starts in the US and Canada. It is not yet known whether the campaign was carried out outside the two countries. In Canada the campaign is called “Snack On With Xbox” and in the USA “Level Up Your Game”.

Halo Infinite is partnering with a snack company to introduce a brand new DLC. (

The campaign cited from GameSpot also features 25 Xbox Series Xs for consumers and gamers who join in the search for that particular content.

One of the teasers revealed that the code on the box could represent Monarch Armor for Halo Infinite. This purple oreo colored armor seems full of special features.

Some of the snacks that have a code on the packaging are Oreos, Chips Ahoy! And nutter butter. Existing codes can be exchanged through the official Snack On With Xbox and Level Up Your Game websites.

Mark VII Mjolnir with Monach armor. (Hello infinite)

“The Halo The Master Chief Collection has 1,000 more prizes to win every day. Something big is coming,” wrote a teaser from the official campaign.

Originally, Halo Infinite was to be released as the launch title for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Previously, the movie trailer featured Master Chief’s iconic armor, followed by Halo Infinite gameplay.

Many new weapons appear in Halo Infinite. (YouTube / Xbox)

The story begins when the plane crashes on landing and the Master Chief tells the pilots to stop Banished.

After that, the Master Chief goes on a mission, opens fire on enemies and goes to Warthog by opening a virtual map. In the trailer, you can see that Halo Infinite has a lot of open world structures. As a title to look forward to, Halo Infinite offers a unique campaign compared to other games.