Multisectoral cooperation, Gojek strengthens Gojek SHIELD technology

Gojek Shield innovation technology. (Gojek) – To increase the security and convenience of its partners at work, as well as users in general when accessing services, the leading Gojek super app in Southeast Asia has once again strengthened Gojek SHIELD technology with the latest innovations. The presence of the latest innovations in the form of the Report Ofik (Fictional Order) feature, which has not been used for a long time, and the technology to automatically detect illegal devices, makes the Gojek ecosystem security system more reliable. These features keep partners safe and comfortable at work at all times, so they can help improve the quality and safety of service for users across the Gojek ecosystem.

The latest innovation at Gojek SHIELD is based on the wishes and needs of the driver partners on site. Gojek uses machine learning and artificial intelligence and operates the latest technology:

The Report Ofik function (fictitious sequence) is not used for long. With this function, driver partners can report fictitious orders directly from the driver application without having to call the call center. The system leverages the sophistication of machine learning and artificial intelligence in less than 2 minutes after the report is generated on the app and automatically cancels orders that appear to be fictitious.

Technology to automatically detect illegal devices. As stated in the Gojek (Tartibjek) Code of Conduct, Gojek has banned the use of illegal devices such as Fake GPS and Mod App or modified applications from the start to protect the safety of partners. Gojek technology was able to automatically detect partners using illegal devices and take action against them. If the system detects this, illegal device users will receive a progressive sanction, starting with the temporary deactivation of the account and ending the partnership.

Gojek Shield innovation technology. (Gojek)

Kelvin Timotius, Head of Driver Operations – Trust & Safety Gojek, said: “We are proud to continue to support and protect our partners through Gojek SHIELD technology, the capabilities and functions of which are constantly being improved to meet the needs of our local partners We have used machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and combat various fraudulent activities that harm driver partners, including fictitious orders and the use of illegal devices. Previously, a similar technology also helped improve partner safety, for example through the extended verification and masking of phone numbers. With the presence of security features in Gojek SHIELD, 92% of Gojek partners feel that their account is more secure. “

Kelvin added that the Gojek team not only supports and protects its partners who have honestly worked hard using the Gojek SHIELD technology, but also proactively prevents security risks and helps the authorities uncover the existence of criminal syndicates that are making illegal claims put.

AKBP Dhany Aryanda, Head of Cybercrime Subdivision – Special Crime Investigation Directorate at Polda Metro Jaya, said: “Cybercrime Subdit Polda Metro Jaya has a powerful digital forensic laboratory facility and team members with reliable IT skills. Working with SHIELD Gojek technology, Capable of Detecting the use of a prohibited application, which is then reported to us, is a good aid so that we could immediately pursue and arrest a criminal syndicate that made an illegal application in Jabodetabek. The investigation into this one Case has been closed and suspects are currently on trial in South Jakarta District Court We appreciate Gojek’s quick steps in reporting this case so that the impact of loss on the public and the online transportation industry in general is minimized the can. “

Based on the results of the investigation, the suspect offered this modified illegal application as an application that appeared to be immune to suspension (anti-suspension) and could generate many commands. In fact, applications like this obscure the appearance of warnings and official warnings of violations that could result in a partner being suspended. Users of illegal applications did not realize this until their accounts were subjected to the most stringent sanctions, namely permanent suspension or termination of the partnership. Another disadvantage is the malfunction of functions such as problems with logging in or malfunctions with maps and navigation, which in turn have a negative effect on the smooth operation of the partners.

In addition to maintaining security through a correction process, Gojek also takes a preventive approach to protect its partners from security risks. Thanks to the technology, Gojek continues to present and update suitable functions such as the advanced verification function, number masking, which can be used to protect the phone numbers of users and driver partners from misuse, and functions that increase general security, such as: B. the emergency button. (Emergency button) and share the trip (Share trip).

Gojek also frequently conducts ongoing training to improve literacy on the importance of maintaining safety. On the partner side, the training includes material on how to use safety devices as well as advice and warnings to prevent the partners from taking any action that could endanger their safety. The training takes place via messages in the application, in the social media forum of the Gojek partners or in the “Smart Tips”, the latest e-learning platform in the driver partner application.

Through Gojek’s collaboration with various parties such as the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, the UGM Center for Digital Society (CfDS) and Siberkreasi, safety education is aimed not only at drivers but also at the general public.

Charles Lim, IT expert and digital security expert at the Swiss German University, appreciates Gojek’s steps, which are not only technologically innovative, but also train his partners in relation to digital security. “It is very important that digital platforms stay ahead of the competition with digital criminals, either through technological innovation or by ensuring that the parties inside have adequate literacy through education. This becomes increasingly important as the pandemic affects people forced to intensify the use of digital platforms for their daily life. “

Charles added that the problem was due to a lack of understanding or public literacy. “This type of application is very common in the industry, usually to get premium access without paying a subscription fee. Unfortunately, people are less attentive and tend to ignore their own safety. As a result, various risks can arise, ranging from account suspension to the most serious threats to data security and personal electronic devices. I see that Gojek’s steps to combat the use of illegal applications are appropriate as Gojek indirectly protects its partners from major losses. “

Gojek’s technology and education moves are also supported by human resource skills with extensive cybersecurity expertise and global technology industry experience. These include Chief Information Security Officer George Do, with NASA experience, and the Nasdaq-listed real estate investment firm Equinix. The information security team proactively “hunts” security risks, routinely conducts system penetration tests, simulates security threats and invests in the most advanced and advanced security tools.

“During the pandemic, Gojek’s services became the backbone of society to meet their needs. This is why we are making various efforts to ensure that parties in our ecosystem, including driver partners and the community, use Gojek’s services to be able to carry out their activities safely and comfortably. The #AmanBersamaGojek initiative will continue to be an important part of our implementation of this commitment, “concluded Kelvin.