One Star Love, the reason why online buyers of this cell phone case hesper to make it

HP case presentation. (Pixabay / F. Muhammad) – Potential customers should read the description carefully before purchasing goods online. Online shoppers who received a phone case and rated it with a star have successfully discouraged internet users.

The Indonesian Ministry of Humor’s Facebook fan page account provides posts on screenshots of online buyer complaints and the seller’s response.

The post that was shared caught the attention of internet users after receiving more than 2,100 likes and hundreds of comments.

Many internet users claim to be emotional and nervous to see the reason for the buyer of this strange cell phone case.

There are even internet users who claim “Indonesia is an emergency reading” considering that the complaints from online shoppers are due to the misunderstanding of the description of the goods.

Internet users are nervous about complaints about the phone case from this online shopper. (Facebook / Indonesian Ministry of Humor)

An online shopper gives a one-star rating by stating that the price of IDR 85,000 is an expensive official.

“Sorry, I gave a star. The problem is it’s very expensive, a case costs 85,000, sister too expensive. I thought there was a cell phone in the package. It didn’t exist, just in case. I swear I’m really sorry, “wrote one person. Online buyers.

Quiet enough, the seller still has the patience to respond with the word “thank you” to the online buyer.

But he also gave subtle hints about the HP case, which the customer thought was too expensive.

“Hello. We sell an original Nillkin phone case. No cell phone. The product description does not state that it contains a cell phone. Also, 85k can’t buy a Xiaomi cell phone. Please be careful not to feel cheated. Thanks”, answered one person. Seller in the column below.

Internet users are nervous about complaints about the phone case from this online shopper. (Facebook / Indonesian Ministry of Humor)

Many internet users have commented on the above complaints from online shoppers.

“As an online retailer, I often find such retailers. Indonesia still has so many people,” said Riyan Triadi.

“Anj * r makes emotions. Yes, if you have an 85k phone, it’s actually cheap,” said Syahrul.

“Greetings to the seller, still calm. If I curse the buyer and give his real address,” replied Adam Raihan.

“Often like this, especially clocks. Indonesia is an emergency reading,” said Ma’mun Sholeh.

That was the complaint from the online buyer of the HP case that was enough to make internet users nervous. What do you think?