Recently, Google Duo released a screen sharing feature

New features from Google Duo. (blog.Google) – As a video calling application, Google Duo continues to update its latest features. The latest feature from Google Duo lets users share screens or screen shares.

Recently, this feature has allowed users to open and even run other applications while making video calls with Google Duo.

On the Engadget page, the latest Google Duo feature was announced by Google last September.

This message was leaked by Google through a Twitter account, but after the tweet, Google immediately deleted the tweet.

Google Duo. (Shutterstock)

However, this time around, Google released a screen sharing feature for Android devices in Google Duo.

According to Google, users can now use the screen sharing feature while browsing photos, videos and making video calls.

Using this newest feature is easy. Users can access the screen option located in the Google Duo application menu.

Later on, Google will also issue a warning about this feature which is likely to display sensitive information on the user’s device screen.

The user sharing the screen cannot see the other person, and the user can see the notification on the status icon that says “Screen sharing in progress”.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on all Google Duo user devices as this feature has just been released and is being distributed to more users on Android devices.