Rely on Harith, Altamiz Siren eSports to become MDL Indonesia Season 2’s MVP

Siren eSports wins MDL Indonesia Season 2. (Instagram / Sirenesports) – The final round of MDL Indonesia Season 2 has taken place. The dark horse Siren eSports was then named champion of this event. Altamiz, who performed well in three games with Harith, managed to become the MVP of this prestigious title.

Previously, Siren eSports successfully scored new history in MDL Indonesia’s second season by beating RRQ Sena 3-1.

In this crucial match, Siren eSports teamed up with Altamiz, JeYy, AzeR, SamoHt and Inviz. In the meantime, RRQ brought Sena Skylar, Xoxo, 824, Bless and Yummy.

It wasn’t long before Siren eSports secured victory in the last game in 11 minutes and became the champion of MDL Indonesia’s second season with convincing points, namely 22-2 against Skylar and friends.

At the MDL Indonesia Season 2 event, Altamiz from Siren eSports with Harith as the flagship hero was particularly noticeable.

Harith Mobile Legends. (HiTekno / Rezza)

In the final two games that were key to Siren eSports victory, Altamiz and Harith performed so well that the opposing team’s heroes could not easily catch them.

Harith’s KDA from Altamiz even scored 20-5-15 in three games. That number is clearly scary and appropriate if the Siren eSports frontman comes out as the MVP for the MDL Indonesia Season 2 event.

Altamiz’s Harith record is even more adorable with a GPM of 632.51 and a DPM of 2773. Altamiz’s appearance in MDL Indonesia Season 2 certainly threatens other teams.

Siren eSports wins MDL Indonesia Season 2. (Instagram / Sirenesports)

Siren eSports can assert itself as the new champion of the second season of MDL Indonesia against RRQ Sena, who has been champion since the beginning of the season.

After Siren eSports managed to win MDL Indonesia’s second season, Altamiz’s performance as MVP this season is clearly expected in the future.