This girl’s ending challenges somersaults in front of the elevator and amuses internet users

This girl’s challenge is so absurd. (TikTok / cocolavaa2) – Many internet users or millennial generations now like social media challenges. This rather absurd challenge from a beautiful girl to her friend has successfully amused internet users.

A TikTok user with an account named @ cocolavaa2 shared a video about the action when his friends “left” him.

“So I asked my friend to turn around at the mall. Then I was told to do it in a quiet place,” @cocolavaa2 wrote.

Apparently, this beautiful girl immediately set an example of the unique challenge she was referring to.

The @ cocolavaa2 account gives an example by absurdly going to a place that is considered to be pretty quiet. After a few steps in front of the elevator, he immediately crouched down and got ready to play the leading role.

The girl who challenged this wheel made internet users amused. (TikTok / cocolavaa2)

Unexpectedly, the state of the elevator, which was originally quiet, was opened, revealing several people inside. After the VCR did not have time to fully record the movement of the front roller, it moved away.

Her friends immediately ran away after this girl was caught doing absurd things in front of visitors to the mall. “Mamp * s, mamp * s someone. Not my friend!” said someone in the video as he ran away.

The uploader of the video stated that there was no Part 2 as some of his friends were already embarrassed.

This girl’s challenge is so absurd. (TikTok / cocolavaa2)

“Those who record are ashamed, so there is no part 2 … wow,” said @ cocolavaa2.

The shared video post successfully went viral after receiving more than 4.1 million and 600,000 likes. This viral video has received tens of thousands of comments from internet users.

This girl’s challenge is so absurd. (TikTok / cocolavaa2)

Since this one challenge is quite absurd and can be dangerous if not performed by an expert, it is recommended that you not mimic the above challenge.

“Can you imagine? If you were in the elevator, saw a girl upside down when you opened it? Introduce yourself first (crying emoticon),” commented @deswiki.

This beautiful girl was left behind by her friends who were already embarrassed. (TikTok / cocolavaa2)

“Hahaha, I don’t really swear (laughing emoticon)” replied @rohmatasep_.

“Please, it’s really not me! It’s an epic shame (laughing emoticon)” wrote @ ralphandrew98.

“I swear I really like girls like that,” @daffaa_bermundo said.

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