This internet user is showing iPhone 8 and Android satire, this guy’s answer is striking

IPhone users joke Android. (Twitter / @ sosmedkeras) – Everyone has their own tastes, including choosing an Android or iOS phone. However, some people think that using iOS is better than using Android.

It’s the same as the conversation between two teenagers showing their phones to each other. The conversation then went viral and uploaded the @sosmedkeras account.

During a conversation, a woman takes a selfie in front of the glass and shows her iPhone 8+.

While uploading his portrait on his iPhone, he wrote that he had an iPhone 8+ and asked for a man’s cell phone.

IPhone users joke Android. (Twitter / @ sosmedkeras)

“ What’s your iPhone 8+? definitely Android ” he wrote in the conversation upload.

The conversation was then answered by a man who took a selfie in front of an ATM screen and showed his savings of IDR 33 million.

Along with uploading the photo, the man responded to the girl’s question by writing “Vivo Y93 sis” which she wrote in the answer.

The striking response then went viral and received various comments from internet users on Twitter.

“The mission of the poor is to unite,” wrote one internet user on Twitter.

” I love something like that sum … Just a normal cell phone, but the balance is important. wkwkwkwkkw ” wrote the comments of an internet user on Twitter.

“BCA, my expression trembles when I see him hyung :(” commented an internet user on Twitter.

“My friend said it is okay to be arrogant towards arrogant people,” wrote internet users on Twitter.

“You want to show off, but show poverty :(” commented another internet user on Twitter.

This satirical upload by Android and iPhone users then went viral on Twitter and garnered more than 12,000 likes.