Unique Requirements: This instructor gives an A to students attending the demo

Demonstration against the Omnibus Act in the West Java DPRD building in Bandung City. (Suara.com/Emi L Palau)

Hitekno.com – Recently, a student demonstration of opposition to the job creation law caught the attention of many parties, including university faculty.

An unidentified lecturer gave an A to the students who attended the demonstration.

Warganet announced again on October 8th via the basic Twitter account @collegemenfess. The internet user, who is also a student, shared a screenshot of the content of his lecturer’s WhatsApp message.

In the message written by the instructor, the instructor said that students who participated in the demonstration against the job creation law would receive an A in the course he was teaching.

In addition, the lecturer asked for proof in the form of a photo that the student attended the demonstration.

The lecturer gave an A to students who participated in the demonstration against the job creation law. [Twitter]

“Those who took part in the Omnibus Law demo immediately received an A. Share the photos,” wrote the instructor.

The message was sent on the exact day the students were holding a demonstration.

“My lecturer … he’s a typo by the way. Watch out for my friends who come down!” tweeted the warganet who uploaded the image in the description column.

The upload, which was shared more than 3,100 times with other Twitter users, received various comments from internet users. Quite a few internet users are jealous of these policies and some are actually treated the other way around.

“Which campus is that? In fact, my campus got a C,” wrote the @taegurl_ account.

“It’s fun for the faculty, really big hearts for such fathers / mothers. Hopefully you are always healthy sir,” commented @ Qothrun96368810.

“My lecturer was like that. Again the PKN course” If someone joins the demo I’ll give you an A, “@buntelankapas said.

Police lines form barricades to arrest protesters who refuse to pass the Omnibus Act in the Tugu Tani region of central Jakarta on Thursday (8/10). [Suara.com/Alfian Winanto]

“So keep in mind that there was a pancasila education class last year where the instructor allowed him to take part in the demonstration,” added @candydfruit.

“I wish my lecturer was like this,” tweeted @jaehyunjustjay.

Upload this unique requirement to get a then viral A on Twitter social media. (Suara.com/Lintang Siltya Utami)