When buying a PlayStation 5, these internet users use tricks to avoid being scolded by their wife

Tricks for Buying PlayStation 5. (Twitter / @ ketololan_tolol)

Hitekno.com – The newest PlayStation 5 is the dream item for gamers of all ages including those of you who are married and love to play games.

However, the fantastic price makes it difficult for dads to get their wife’s approval to buy a PlayStation 5 device.

Fathers used various tricks to buy this PlayStation 5. One of them is an internet user who wanted to write this message on the box when sending the game console.

A post that was uploaded to the @ketololan_tolol account on Twitter immediately caught the attention of internet users because of this idea.

Tricks for Buying PlayStation 5. (Twitter / @ ketololan_tolol)

During an upload, a buyer wrote a message that they would like to write about it on the PlayStation 5 box.

“Outside of the packaging, please include the fonts of the Sony Indonesia competition winner,” wrote the buyer.

This message is used to trick the woman at home like the PlayStation 5 is what she got from the giveaway.

This upload went viral on Twitter and received various comments.

“ Wow thanks for that, this new trick can also be used to keep parents from finding out. There is only one problem: where does the money come from? “Wrote one internet user on Twitter.

“What a clever trick,” wrote a comment from internet users on Twitter.

“A subtle way,” commented another internet user.

“Hahaha, that’s smart,” wrote another internet user on Twitter.

Uploading a trick to order the PlayStation 5 went viral and garnered more than 13,000 likes.