After helping his lover graduate, this boy was even decided unilaterally

Heartbreak illustration. (Shutterstock) – Many tragic love stories have gone viral on social media like this one. The story of a boy who is ready to sacrifice to help his girlfriend pass the test, but afterwards.

A tragic incident just happened to a teenager named Farhan. This story went viral on social media after being uploaded from the @ account in 2019.

Instead, he helped his lover pass the national exam and was decided unilaterally. Many internet users going viral on social media are concerned about what happened to Farhan.

After graduating from school, he received a WhatsApp message from his lover named Silfy. Unexpectedly, what Silfy conveyed was so surprising that Farhan could only respond with an emoticon.

In the message he sent, Silfy admitted that he wanted to break up with Farhan, who had done all of Silfy’s homework for 2 years.

“Assalamualaikum Farhan, we just broke up, I’m sorry beforehand.” Silfy wrote briefly to Farhan.

Surprised by Silfy’s message, this teenager asked why Silfy had ended their relationship. Unfortunately, Silfy’s answer was all the more surprising.

Farhan’s ex-lover admitted that he only used Farhan for all schoolwork and accompanied him to leave. At the end of the message, he emphasized that he no longer needed Farhan.

“It’s okay Han, I’ll go out with you just to do my schoolwork and homework and accompany me everywhere. Now we’re done so I don’t need this anymore Han. Thanks for 2 years, I want mine Do homework … “wrote Silfy answers.

Decided after helping his girlfriend pass the national exam. (instagram /

Silfy’s explanation apparently surprised Farhan that he could only reply to “Astaghfirullah” which was accompanied by an emoticon.

Even sadder, this teenage boy who specializes in computer engineering was declared undergraduate from school. This upload then got the attention of internet users who were concerned about what happened to Farhan.

“Astaghfirullah silfy, I hope you feel what Farhan feels so that you understand the meaning of life.” Wrote the owner of the account @heeschingu.

“It’s so sad, I’m so excited …” commented the @ account.

“Bucin Level 999999999 ..” said the account @karuniarmdhn_.

“Silfy uses Farhan at all. Don’t you think you’re Farhan? Farhan is deaf or something. Be sensitive to yourself, damn it!” wrote @ekisnndr annoyed.

Are you worried about this tragic love story that happened to this teenager named Farhan?

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