Garena Fantasy Town presents Fantasypedia, a place for Indonesian culture education

Garena Fantasy Town presents Fantasypedia. (Garena) – Fantasy Town, this online game from Garena, brings another breakthrough. Namely the introduction of Fantasypedia as a forum for learning about Indonesian culture and history.

This online game has a lot of Indonesian culture and history as content. However, this is different from Fantasypedia.

Fantasypedia is a website accessible not only to Fantasy Town players, but also to anyone who wants information on the facts and history of buildings and local characters in Fantasy Town.

Fantasypedia can be accessed in two very simple ways: the first by visiting directly, and the second through the game by selecting the “Event” tab. The players will then be redirected to this page.

Fantasypedia has a lot of detailed information about buildings, characters and traditional clothing in the Fantasy Town game.

Garena Fantasy Town presents Fantasypedia. (Garena)

Cultural literacy through a game is currently an effective way to give players more knowledge about Indonesia’s cultural diversity, especially for the younger generation.

“We always strive to educate the wider community to instill a sense of love and pride in the local wealth of Indonesia. This is why we are presenting Fantasypedia as part of Fantasy Town. The hope is that the players are not just Indonesian Playing skins and characters in the game, but also learning about wealth Indonesia is in the game, “said Calvindoro Chrisna, Strategic Operations of Garena Indonesia.

Garena Fantasy Town presents Fantasypedia. (Garena)

In addition to presenting Fantasypedia, Fantasy Town also presents various events that can add excitement to players, namely:

Cube Pop Event. The Cube Pop Event is a time-limited mini-game event that can be played by all Fantasy Town players from October 12-21, 2020. The best players receive attractive prizes in the game. In addition, players can purchase the Cube Pop package, which can only be purchased during this event. So make sure you get all the prizes before you miss them! Halloween event. Halloween is coming soon! This Halloween-themed event takes place on October 23 and lasts approximately ten days. This event allows players to decorate their city with a Halloween theme. Participating in this event is very easy. Players only need to collect materials that can be used in exchange for Halloween decorations, which are only available during this event. So don’t miss this interesting event to beautify your city! Halloween skin building. To add to the excitement of the Halloween event, Fantasy Town presents a special building shell with a Halloween theme. Players can change the appearance of warehouses, houses, and other buildings with a Halloween theme. Wow, this Halloween event will definitely be fun!

Visit Fantasypedia and play Fantasy Town for prizes and have fun!

This is Fantasypedia presented by the online game Garena Fantasy Town as a place to learn about Indonesian culture and history.