Google fonts for banners, this fried stall is stealing attention

Fried illustration. (Shutterstock) – Promotions certainly have unique ideas and concepts to grab shoppers’ attention, just like this fried roadside banner.

This roadside fried food stand uses a Google-like design and font.

The account owner, re-shared from the @nocontextwarung Twitter account on Oct. 13, uploaded an image of the banner’s appearance on top of the fried food stand.

Not only with the same font as Google, the color of each letter is made similar. This is made up of the typical colors of the technology company, blue, red, yellow and green, which form the word “Fried”.

The white banner background at the bottom of the word Gorengan is the shop owner named Bu Kar. It also uses Google font, but is written in light gray.

Fried banners in google style. [Twitter]

In addition, the banner has a design like the home page ad in the Google search engine, in which there is a search box. The search box shows the types of fried foods that are sold, such as: B. crispy tofu, tempeh, tofu, bakwan, banana, which should be combined.

To make it more like the original look and feel of the search page, the “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Happy” sections that usually appear in a gray box on the Google home page have the words “Taking Orders” and the phone number of the business owner filled.

The resemblance of the banner to Google also makes internet users praise the designer and his marketing concept ideas. The upload, which was shared more than 3,500 times with other Twitter users, received various comments from internet users.

“This must be Larry Page when he had a side business,” the account @ wulan_1209 wrote.

“Crazy idea jumps,” commented @CassimiraC.

“Google with local wisdom,” added @OktiPnamasari.

Fried banners in google style. [Twitter]

“Very creative,” said @metanokia.

“Uh, I really think so,” tweeted @kesetelak.

The Google font fried banner upload went viral and garnered more than 14,000 likes. ( Siltya Utami)