It is said that buildings in Yogyakarta are becoming office clusters. This is XL Axiata’s answer

XL Axiata. (Personal document.) – The management of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures that none of the employees on duty in the Yogyakarta Special Region, including Sleman, are exposed to Covid-19. Confirmation came after the case of a number of employees at XL Axiata’s partner companies in the Sleman Regency area who were positive for Covid-19 earlier this week was discovered.

Rd. Sofia Purbayanti, group leader of the XL Axiata Central Region, said although they have a partnership relationship, the two companies are not under the same management, therefore the company’s employees are not under the management of XL Axiata, the two offices are also separate .

Rd. Sofia Purbayanti, Group Leader Central Region XL Axiata, emphasized: “XL Axiata has implemented a strict health monitoring system for every employee spread across Indonesia since the beginning of this pandemic. We also always apply the health protocols strictly in accordance with the applicable regulations, both nationally and in each area in which our offices are located. Health protocols are mandatory for all employees, regardless of whether they still have to work in the office or at home. We also use protocols to ensure the safety of our offices and all of our work facilities. “

Sofia went on, in relation to the case that occurred in Yogyakarta above, the Sleman Health Department had Yogyakarta XL Center on October 13, 2020, located at 163 Jalan Laksda Adi Sucipto, 1st floor, Sleman is inspected directly. Interviews were also conducted with the facility management office staff. As a result, the Yogyakarta XL Center was declared safe and had health protocols in place as recommended by the government.

XL Axiata. (Personal document.)

In relation to the Covid-19 case that occurred, here are some key things that XL Axiata management conveyed:

The XL Axiata partner company, based in Sleman, where a number of employees have been classified as Covid-19 positive, takes care of call center services for customers and the community. The scope of work of the call center services performed by the company has no direct physical contact with customers. You contact customers by phone. The telecommunications sector is one of the most important sectors during the pandemic that requires operational support 24 hours a day, including call center services. XL Axiata always ensures that call center services continue to function normally in order to provide services to the public. XL Axiata continues to coordinate with the management of these partner companies and the Sleman Health Office to ensure that all health protocols are followed as recommended by the government. XL Axiata also prioritizes the health of active ingredients that are part of the partners by providing both physical and mental health support, performing management according to regulations, and providing vitamins and other support. On October 5th, 2020, XL Axiata carried out an office sterilization and thorough disinfection and carried out medical tests for all employees who work in the DI Yogyakarta region, including in Sleman. As a result, none of XL Axiata’s employees responded to Covid-19. On October 13, 2020, the Sleman Health Office directly inspected the XL Center Yogyakarta, which is located in Jalan Laksda Adi Sucipto No. 163 (Lt.1), Sleman. As a result, the XL Center Yogyakarta is declared safe and has implemented health protocols as recommended by the government. XL Axiata is committed to continuing to strictly implement health protocols for every employee and work partner to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 both inside and outside the corporate environment.

In addition, health protocols are strictly implemented in customer service at XL centers across Indonesia, including XL center Yogyakarta. XL Axiata implemented a new process in the customer service center to reduce direct customer interaction with executives and other service devices. From the moment they arrive, customers will be asked to wash their hands, wear a mask and receive a queue number via SMS.

By using a queue number via SMS, customers can estimate the waiting time they will need to be served by officers while reducing the number of customers in the waiting room. The service table is also divided with acrylic glass, which separates the staff from the customers. In addition, it is disinfected daily.