Limited who kept the play offs of MPL Indonesia Season 6 offline?

MPL Indonesia Season 6. (Moonton) – After a one-week hiatus, MPL Indonesia season six playoffs will begin immediately from October 16-18, 2020. Spread information that this round will take place offline later.

Previously, the regular round of the sixth MPL Indonesia season took place online due to the current pandemic. When it was kept online, many problems occurred due to network problems.

Because of this, many were hoping that the MPL Indonesia season six play-offs would take place offline in a location like the previous MPL Indonesia event.

Just before the play-off phase, there are many rumors that the sixth season of MPL Indonesia will take place offline in this new round with limited event content.

Information about the play-off round, which took place offline, was released by a former Moonton employee, Lius Andre, who is now actively streaming.

Play off MPL Indonesia Season 6. (Instagram / Emakmoba)

In its live streaming, the character, usually called Ko Lius, revealed the location of the MPL Indonesia season six play-off, which will later take place offline.

Ruth Manullang endorsed the information from Ko Lius, the head of 1UP, who became the production house for the sixth season of MPL Indonesia. She is also known to have uploaded photos of the building process of the venue.

Given these various leaks, many have speculated that the season six play-off of MPL Indonesia will take place in a specially prepared location offline.

Play off MPL Indonesia Season 6. (Instagram / Emakmoba)

It is not known for certain how many viewers will see the season 6 play-offs of MPL Indonesia. It is believed that the number will be limited later.

So far there has been no official confirmation from Moonton or 1UP regarding the MPL Indonesia season 6 play-off round, which will take place offline.