Quit Ngenes, this is the result if you eat while playing HP

Hitekno.com – When engaging in activities, your focus should be on what you are doing, including eating. However, many of us do other activities while eating, one of which is watching videos on our phones.

As seen by a man whose video went viral on Twitter. This 59 second video shows his regrets over dining while watching videos on his phone.

In the video uploaded from @ recehtapisayng account, a man who looks like a shopkeeper is eating behind his shop window.

The man was carrying a plate of rice and side dishes while watching the video on the cell phone downstairs, but without realizing it, a cat stepped under the window and snuck inside.

As a result of eating while playing HP. ([email protected])

The man was too focused on the spectacle on the phone and didn’t notice that his plate had been attacked by a white cat who immediately stole his side dish on the plate.

How shocked the man was after the white cat picked his side dish and had just left.

The man who saw this was shocked and regretted that he hadn’t finished his meal.

This video upload went viral and received various comments from internet users on Twitter.

“Masnya immediately amazed,” wrote one Internet user on Twitter.

“Hahaha, where only 1 1 is taken from a cat 🙁 as if he were the one taking my girlfriend now :(” ” wrote a comment on Twitter.

“I will give up if my dad takes sandals automatically,” commented another Internet user on Twitter.

“His brother was speechless, wow,” wrote another internet user comment.

“Hahaha you cat” wrote another internet user on Twitter.

A video upload of a man eating his side dish was recorded by this cat and then viralized on Twitter and received more than 11,000 likes.