The iPhone 12 starts without a charger and headphones and is protested by the fans

iPhone 12. (Apple) – In a special event held on Wednesday (10/14/2020), Apple officially released the iPhone 12 series. This iPhone 12 device slips without a charger and headphones, which are sold separately, and it’s actually garnering protests from fans.

Long before its release, there were a lot of rumors that the iPhone 12 would hit the market with no charger and headphones in the box.

Sure enough, when the iPhone 12 hit the market last night, like its predecessor, it was released with no support for chargers and headphones. In contrast, iPhone 12 users will need to purchase a charger and headphones separately.

Apple released the iPhone 12 without a charger and headphones to reduce production costs and waste.

Unfortunately, Apple’s good intentions were received differently by fans. There have been many protests for Apple to release the iPhone 12 without a charger and headphones, which then had to be purchased separately.

iPhone 12 Mini. (Apple via The Verge)

“Imagine having to sell a kidney to buy an iPhone 12 without a charger and headphones?”

“After you sold 1 kidney for the iPhone 12 and now you have to sell another kidney to buy a kidney?” Wrote the account @Kwekustories.

“ Like a joke or something? iPhone 12 has no charger and no headphones? You have to buy it yourself, ” tweeted internet users with the @Sirjohnsports account.

iPhone 12. (Apple)

For information: The iPhone 12 series, consisting of the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, was released in a special event on Wednesday (October 14th, 2020).

With no support for chargers and headphones, the iPhone 12 is entering the gadget market. Harvesting protests from fans, it is not yet possible to predict how the market will react to the arrival of this new line of Apple devices.