The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has a classic concept and is equipped with health functions

Samsung Galaxy Watch3. (Samsung) – Clocks, a clock that has been widely used since the 16th century, cannot be denied as an important element in supporting the appearance of its users. In addition, watches are also a means of expression and have increased in variety and function in the course of technological development.

Aware of the need to preserve the essence of a watch, Samsung Electronics Indonesia immerses it in a masterpiece recently launched in Indonesia, namely the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, which has a classic design and a variety of superior technological features.

“Watch lovers (watchmakers) place great value on the design, function / technical innovation and craftsmanship of their timepieces. For this reason, in line with Samsung’s commitment to always striving for meaningful innovation, we present the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 for watch enthusiasts who truly uphold the values ​​of a classic watch. In combination with the latest technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is not just an ordinary smartwatch, it also gives a luxurious, classic and classic impression, ”said Leo Hendarto Marathon, Product Marketing Manager for Samsung Mobile at Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Here are three reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is a classic watch masterpiece combined with the latest innovations:

Classic design and high quality materials

Samsung Galaxy Watch3. (Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has a classic design like a luxury watch. A robust stainless steel bandage combined with elegant colors, namely Mystic Silver and Mystic Black for the 45 mm Galaxy Watch3 and Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze for the 41 mm size. In addition, Samsung is presenting a variant of the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium for consumers who want more high-quality materials for their watches.

Different dials for different moments

Samsung is aware of the importance of the appearance of a watch (dial) that matches the user’s moments, be it formal, semi-formal, casual events or sports. Samsung offers a wide variety of watch faces to suit the different moods and desires of Galaxy Watch3 users and to spread their charisma. There are several luxurious dial designs that add to the impression of a premium watch when in use.

Unique rotating bezel and high quality leather strap

The combination of the precise navigation menu surface (interface) with the feeling of using a classic watch is the reason for the physically rotating bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3. The satisfaction of using this rotating bezel is second to none for Galaxy Watch3 users. In addition, this premium design real leather bracelet has an appearance that is not consumed by time. The longer it is used, the more natural and noble the leather material of the Galaxy Watch3 bracelet looks.

Various great features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Watch3. (Samsung)

In addition to a classic, comfortable premium appearance, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has a number of advanced features that support the healthy lifestyle of the user. This watch has a number of health features that allow users to monitor the status of blood oxygen (SpO2), sleep management, and home exercise. It provides free access to more than 120 video sports programs that you can use to start or maintain an exercise routine anytime, anywhere Samsung Health application.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is available online from the online store and offline at your nearest Samsung office. The stainless steel version costs from Rp 5,999,000 and the titanium version costs Rp 8,499,000.