This is why Nia Ramadhani does not allow children to play Instagram

Nia Ramadhani. (Instagram / ramadhaniabakrie) – Nia Ramadhani is back in conversation with internet users. This celebrity became the spotlight after the video conversation with the kid circulated and went viral on social media.

It wasn’t about boiling eggs or peeling fruit, but this time internet users were made to appreciate Nia Ramadhani’s reasons for not allowing her child to play Instagram.

It turned out that this celebrity explained to her daughter how internet users behave on social media.

Based on the observations made by on Tuesday (10/13/2020) at 9:35 p.m. WIB, Nia Ramadhani became a trending topic on Twitter with 15.3 thousand people tweeting her name.

The 15-minute video clip of the entrepreneur Aburizal Bakrie’s son-in-law is circulating in cyberspace. The video shows Nia and Mikhayla sitting on the bed and talking heart to heart.

Nia Ramadhani advises her oldest child – (Twitter / @ moostnslvt)

Nia explained to Mikhaila why her first daughter was not allowed to play or have an Instagram account.

“That’s why mom never wanted you to have Instagram because when people comment when you read, sometimes they don’t even think about just talking. (Before you speak) You have to think about it. No! I read them all!” Nia said as she tossed her tablet on the bed and strictly prohibited her child from viewing Instagram.

Not only that, parenting videos from Nia to other Mikhayla are also floating around. In this video, Mikhayla sits coolly on Nia’s lap while he sits in the pool.

Mikhayla was advised by her mother to always be grateful for what she has today.

“Anyway, always be grateful for what you have, focus only on what you have (only focus on what you have). Mikhayla shouldn’t focus on what you don’t have (what you don’t have). Because whenever there will always be what you don’t have. (What you don’t have, “said Nia with a firm intonation and let Mikhayla stare at her mother pretty much.

So many internet users regretted that Nia Ramdhani’s parenting page wasn’t very exposed compared to the news that Nia couldn’t peel bark and so on, it was even widely reported.

“Greetings to Nia Ramadhani taking care of kids and family, beautiful, rich, famous, smart. Ardi Bakrie was really great at choosing a woman. Maybe we know Nia Ramadhani can’t open the bark. It turns out that he’s great at raising his children, “wrote the @ ZoelHelmiLubis1 account.

This is a viral video on social media that reveals the reason why Nia Ramadhani bans her daughter from playing Instagram, which successfully welcomes internet users. ( Dini Afrianti Efendi).