To change the name in Google Meet, can be done through the desktop or the application

Google Meet logo. (Google) – How do I change the name on Google Meet? Does it have to be the same as a Google Account on other platforms? No, we can change that.

Generally, the name listed in Google Meet uses the same name as the Google account used.

You can also change or even add your username in your Google Account.

Changing your username in your Google account is very easy and via the desktop or mobile app.

According to the India Times, here’s how you can change the name in Google Meet:

How to change the name in Google Meet on the desktop

If the user is using a desktop or laptop, they can go to and sign in with a Google account. Then click on the user profile picture in the top right corner of the screen and then click the “Manage Google” button. This will open the Google Account Settings page on a separate tab in the browser. From the menu on the left, click Personal Information. After reloading the page, click the Name option in the profile area to edit it. Change or set the user’s first and last name on the next screen and click the Save button when you have made changes. Google Meet Hardware Series One. (Google)

How to change the name in Google Meet using the mobile app

If the user prefers the Google Meet application version, they can tap the menu bar with three bars in the upper right corner of the phone’s screen. Then tap the username in the menu and then tap the “Manage Google Account” option. Go to the Google User Settings page, select the “Personal Information” tab, then click the name under the profile area on the mobile screen. The user can change the name and select the Save button when the name changes are complete.

With the steps above, there is an easy way to change your name in Google Meet through desktop and mobile applications. Good luck! ( Siltya Utami)