While cooking rice, internet users are shocked to see this appearance on the rice cooker

Rice cooker illustration. (Pixabay)

Hitekno.com – As one of the rice cookers, the rice cooker is arguably the most practical tool, but what if you find a lizard in the rice cooker?

This surprising appearance then caught the attention of internet users after it was uploaded on social media.

But before you start cooking rice, you should first check the conditions in the rice cooker. Do not let the following Internet user events happen to you.

It really happened, recently an internet user experienced a tragedy that was less stressful.

Allegedly not careful about cooking rice, this internet user found a surprising thing in the rice cooker.

Sure enough, there was a lizard in his rice cooker. A lizard looks dead on the rice that has just been cooked.

Boiled lizard in the rice cooker. (Twitter / @ FFOODFESS)

Of course, the heat in the rice cooker also ripened the lizards.

“Fess opens a rice cooker again, suddenly there is a lizard that is mateng hyung,” wrote the Twitter account @FFOODFESS, quoted by Suara.com, Wednesday (October 14, 2020).

When he experienced the disgusting tragedy of the mature lizard in the rice cooker, quite a few internet users were of course excited and gave different answers in the comment column.

“Really disgusted, I really hate the lizard, I hope I don’t have the same fate as the sender,” said one of the netizens.

“Don’t throw the rice away, give it to neighbors who have chicken if you have it,” added another internet user who tried to provide advice.

“It is better to do another change, I’m afraid it is already contaminated,” said another internet user.

The incident of a lizard in the rice cooker then stole attention and went viral on Twitter. (Suara.com/Arendya Nariswari)