Celebrate a decade, GoFood is holding promo for two months

Illustration of the GoFood services (Doc.Gojek)

Hitekno.com – To mark the 10th anniversary of the Gojek super app, GoFood, the largest grocery delivery service in Southeast Asia, is spoiling Indonesians once again with an ‘Anniversary Promo’, GoFood’s biggest promo this year, a culinary experience from Get #LebiHepi. The GoFood anniversary campaign lasts about two months
by presenting various types of promotional offers from nearly 8,000 branches in Central Java and DI Yogyakarta on GoFood, which will increase along with the promotional period with discounts of up to IDR 100,000.

No less special, GoFood customers are surprised with additional special promotions on certain days such as National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas), Payday (Payday) and the promo rain at the height of Gojek’s 10th anniversary. Arfiansyah Arfi, Head of Regional Sales Gojek in the Central West Java Region, said: “The GoFood Anniversary Promotion is part of a series of Gojek” Happy Anniversary “celebrations that we are offering to celebrate the important role of everyone in Gojek Ecosystem, both driver partners and partners. Companies as well as loyal GoFood customers who have become part of the journey of Gojek and GoFood. Your enthusiasm and aspirations continue to inspire us so that GoFood is still a mainstay of society today and in Indonesia and Southeast Asia can become leaders in the food supply industry. “

The GoFood anniversary promotion, which starts from October 7th to December 1st, 2020, offers a culinary experience that stays true to its name. The Anniversary Promotion takes advantage of “Most” promotions, “Longest” periods, and special days “Most” often to help customers become #LebiHepi. Some of the benefits customers are interested in include:

Illustration of the GoFood services (Doc.Gojek)

Every culinary day: 25% discount and menu discount up to IDR 60,000 with additional shipping costs. Happy Hour: 50% discount and free delivery every Thursday. Brand Day: up to IDR 75,000 off and free delivery every two weeks on Tuesdays for certain restaurants. Family package: with special prices and 25% discount every two weeks on Saturday.

The GoFood Anniversary Promotion is even more special with an additional discount of up to 100,000 IDR and special promotions that have never been presented at fantastic value in previous promotions, namely:

Special promotions for National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) in October and November. Special promotions for paydays in the payday of October and November.

Special promo rain at the height of Gojek’s 10th anniversary. “Since the beginning of the year we have been offering regular promos to loyal customers such as #LebiHepi, Harkulnas GoFood, PSBB (Doing Good Promotion) and Foodiskon, which will be very popular with customers in the future. Pandemic and adaptation to new habits when many activities are carried out by At the moment of Gojek’s 10th anniversary, we are launching a GoFood anniversary campaign where customers from tens of thousands of business partners, ranging from MSME GoFood to favorite restaurants such as Couvee, Chicken Crush and Panties Pizza, will be their favorite Being able to choose both ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meals, “continues Arfi. .

GoFood Anniversary Promo is available to customers in Jabodetabek and 12 other cities namely Bandung, Surabaya, Palembang, Makassar, Semarang, Medan, Bali, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Malang, Solo. To enjoy this promo, customers can visit the GoFood service in the Gojek application and tap the anniversary promo banner to find participating favorite restaurants.

As well as presenting different types of promotions, GoFood continues to present different types of innovations that provide the best experience to become a mainstay of customers. GoFood customers also don’t have to worry about ordering popular culinary delights as GoFood continues to urge business partners to adhere to the J3K (Keep Health, Cleanliness and Safety) protocol by regularly using masks and washing hands when they do Prepare food in the kitchen and package food properly Security seals, space to wash hands and record the temperature status on employee and driver temperature cards, queues for drivers waiting for orders, sterilizing and disinfecting the operating areas of the restaurant.

In addition, GoFood offers a contactless delivery function that is carried out by driver partners who routinely ensure the hygiene of people and vehicles as well as the checked body temperature. If they can’t avoid activities outside the home, GoFood customers can also rely on the GoFood pickup feature so they can pick up groceries instantly at the restaurant checkout and minimize physical contact. Customers can also enjoy additional GoFood pickup discounts.

In addition, through GoFood Super Partners, GoFood helps ensure the best dining experience with shorter delivery times. When a customer orders food from GoFood Super Partner, the restaurant receives the order immediately, so the driver partners no longer have to wait to queue and order. Driver partners collect food immediately from the restaurant and deliver food orders faster.